Cardboard lace, hammered steel, wooden lace

The material

Each object is designed to give life to a subtle interplay of materials. The constant search for new materials, the mixture of textures are at the heart of my creative approach. Also, if metal work is the base, I like to associate it with raw and natural materials such as wood, concrete, cardboard lace, leather, semi-precious stones…

It is the embodiment of the idea, by working with a sensitive material with the hand, which makes each piece unique and gives it its singularity.

From its colorful charms, its modeled moments, the soul of the object appears…

The patina

I particularly appreciate the leather patina techniques. This consists of coloring and bleaching the leather by applying solvents and dyes that allow infinite shades of color. So I give the impression that the leather has lived, the color has faded in places.

These techniques that you will find on several creations make it possible to obtain an object full of charm.

Surface treatments

Steel and brass are the basis of DARIULE creations. They must be treated to obtain a quality result that is made to last. The gunmetal finish is most often used with steel. A finish that, combined with golden brass pieces, expresses an unusual luxury.

The gilding is treated in matte, shiny and micro-beading. This subtle mixture of treatment of the material makes it possible to soften the overly shiny side of the gold and gives a shimmering appearance to the gilding when the lighting is subdued.