A quest for beauty

A creator never builds from scratch, his story, his travels, his cultural heritage are inexhaustible sources of inspiration and I can’t escape it. Coming from a family of 18th century antique dealers, I began to create my first handcrafted pieces at the dawn of my 20th birthday, with the knowledge acquired during numerous workshop visits.

My first piece was a steel chandelier that combined the function of an aquarium: the beginning of an artistic journey that questioned its primary function, I sought to magnify everyday life through its design.

Inspired by a family culture marked by French taste and by the desire to design something different, I give life to a project line by line, in search of the right balance, the right shape, the right proportions.

Beauty is the lantern that guides my research. It instinctively absorbs me and guides me through the sensations of the objects.

These emanate from their design, their material and their function. First of all my mind projects the object into space, I imagine what it will bring to a setting: how will it bring it to life, create an atmosphere, comfort, envelop the viewer. Through the object, I seek those sensations that will add “that little something” and transcend a decor.


Craftsmanship and design are intimately linked. For me, manufacturing techniques are part of design, they influence or constrain creative thinking. A luxurious object is the reflection of craftsmanship and know-how. So when you combine artistic direction with craftsmanship, the meeting of the two creates true luxury. It is in this sense that I developed the ability to make my own creations.

The art of metal

The art of steel furniture is somewhat secret and escapes the logic of styles. Contemporary aesthetics knows how to integrate it perfectly.

The Osmond lantern being made

“iron, beyond
what happens,
it is elegance that lasts »
Gilbert Poillerrat.

Tough, long-lasting material, symbol of strength, of resistance to the possibilities of changing textures and colors, it is suitable for solid pieces as well as for the most delicate art objects.

It is for me the ideal material because none adapts with as much elegance and ease to any situation.

The base of steel and brass is conducive to combinations of materials. This is the magic side of metal furniture and objects: a subtle affinity that binds the materials together.

I like discovering new materials and building collaborations with craftsmen who call upon a very specific work of the material to create a singular object. Attention to manufacturing is at the heart of my approach. Thus the interconnection between know-how is one of the keys to the success of a DARIULE creation. This way of creating makes it possible to obtain a high degree of quality.


The laurel wreath reminds us of the Roman Empire and its legacy.

The discontinuous circles refer to bending and metalworking.

The face represents neoclassical formal beauty, the way faces were sculpted at that time. Period whose forms inspired me, in my first creations.

Thus it acts as a symbol of our cultural heritage.


d’Arriule is the surname of an ancestor. Name disappeared which knew its hours of glory in particular with the general of Arriule, Baron of the empire, Peer of France whose name is registered on the ninth column of the triumphal arch in Paris.

He lived from 1774 to 1850, a period rich in artistic developments and political regimes, he knew eight of them. The shapes and lines of the very first DARIULE creations are directly inspired by this era.

Through my creations,

the alliance between proportion and harmony of materials,

an imprint of French art and taste,


I would like to share them with you!