The marquetry of metal to which is associated the patina
allows us to propose an original know-how,
signature of the workshop.

The word “marquetry” almost immediately evokes wood decorations. I have transposed this technique to metal. It consists in applying on a support a whole series of elements drawn on metal plates. The pieces collected are textured, patinated, oxidized.

Then comes the assembly of the work, the gluing and the setting under press.
Finally a varnish is applied to give the painting its full brilliance.

Metal has the characteristic of reflecting a very large part of the light depending on its orientation.

Thus, as the day progresses and the lighting changes, the perception of the work evolves.

The way the metal is worked (brushed, polished, textured, engraved) influences the light and the possible reflections.

This original know-how
allows to sublimate the subject,
by making it alive and bright!