The meeting with Atelier Gaiac was a revelation on metalworking. A collaboration that makes it possible to meet many technical challenges. Mastery of the production stages, from prototyping to small series or unique pieces, makes it possible to offer any type of design creation in the field of interior decoration: furniture, lighting, sculpture, etc.

Specialized in the artistic work of metals, in particular steel and brass, I develop and research, textures and patinas to perfect the realization of decorative panels and paintings.

It is by designing and realizing a creation from drawing to manufacture that I truly improve production techniques and above all that the mind opens up to new ideas and processes.

The patina

Patina is the result of an alchemy between science and art.

I like to express myself like a painter working with his palette of chemical compounds.


Metal, a tenacious, perennial material, a symbol of strength and resistance, allows for numerous possibilities of changing textures.

Different techniques are developed: engraving, hammering, chemical engraving.

The textures created by engraving allow the original color of the metal to be recovered. Thus, depending on the light, the perception of the material evolves, playing with the reflections of the metal.


1-Milling of the arm of the Martincourt sconce 2-Ciseling of the poppy that will go on the Delafosse valet 3-Turning of the wooden support of the Medici vase 4-Martelage of the reflector of the Martincourt sconce 5-Bending of a steel bar to make the post of the Osmond lantern 6-Martelage of the reflector of theMartincourt sconce