A levitating candle

Antoine DARIULE wanted to create a small candle holder that gives the impression that a candle is levitating. This visual effect is possible thanks to a brass tip on which the candle is fixed.

This candlestick takes its name from Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751-1843) French sculptor, bronzier, founder, chaser and gilder. One of the most remarkable bronze makers of his generation, he is recognized for his production of bronze furniture under the Ancien Régime. Under the Empire, he raised this profession to its highest level of quality, while creating in the first years of the 19th century , an industrial company whose influence was European.

The Thomire candle holder is made in one piece from a brass bar. This is fixed in a lathe and then shaped by hand .

Some parts are then polished, others brushed to create a contrast in the material.

The weight of the brass allows the candle to hold in perfect balance.

These candle holders are designed for taper candles that do not drip.

They come with 30 cm white, matte candles with a textured surface.


1- Shiny golden and matte golden brass: these 2 finishes on the same material give a precious aspect to the object.

2- Burgundy patinated leather and shiny golden brass : this more sober finish gives a warmer side to our candlestick. The patina adds extra soul.
Place them individually on your table or in groups of three.