How does a spinning top work?

When you throw a spinning top it begins to spin on an invisible vertical axis. To do this, its center of gravity must be positioned on its axis of rotation but also the masses must be perfectly balanced in order to promote a long moment of inertia. The top is therefore machined from the same block of brass very precisely around a central axis.

The point of rotation must also be as small as possible to limit friction. Thus the use of a ceramic ball made of silicon nitride (very hard and very smooth material) makes it possible on the one hand to limit the surface of the point of friction and on the other hand to avoid wear due to friction which would slow down the spinning top.

The choice of a matte gilding finish makes the vagaries of time (shocks) less visible.


You can enter a date, a first name, an important moment. The engraving is done by hand in English letter.